Camouflage Dipping Made Affordable

Camouflaging Makes the Perfect Gift for Your Hunter or Outdoorsmans, So If You Don’t Know What to Give, Wow Them With A JohnnyBoy Hydrographics “GIFT CERTIFICATE”…They Will Never Stop Thanking you.



Rifle Stock Only $100

Rubber Coating $ 25.00



Forearms Only $65

Stock Only $55

Please Pick One


Gun Accessories

Scope Rings and Base $20

Scope $65

Choke Tube $20

Bolt Handle (dipped at owner’s Risk, no warranty) $20

Please Pick One



Complete Bow $185

Bow (riser and limbs) $150

Riser $100

Soft touch $ 25

Limbs $75

Quiver $35

Stabilizer $25

Cams or Wheels $30

Please Pick One


European Skull Mounts

Deer, Bear & Cougar $80

Buffalo $175

Please Pick One


European Synthetic Skull Mounts

Synthetic Deer Mounts $125



Complete Rod $65

Fishing Rod Blank $45

Fishing Reel $65

Fly Reel $45

Please Pick One


Specialized Quoted  Items

Picture Frames 8×10 $25

Hard Hat $65

Motorcycle Helmet $125

Ski Helmet $95

Ceiling Fan (per 1 side blade) $15

Toilet Seat Cover $35

Mail Box $75

Electrical Face Plates $5-$10

Welding Helmut $50

Please Pick One


Custom Trophy Wall Mount Plaques

Large $ 50.00

Small $ 40.00

Please Pick One


All sales are subject to 8% sales tax..

* Special Note: Any paint, tape, glue residue or materials left on bows, firearms or any item will have a $25 charge for removal and prep.

* Note: Complete guns do Not include trigger, floor plates, bolts or ram rods. These items can be dipped at an additional $20 fee per item. We do Not except or do triggers.

* Note: Scopes are fully submerged in water, so Scopes are dipped at Owner’s own risk. There will be No warranty on Scopes.

* Note: Complete bow is a riser and one set of limbs only. All bows must be disassembled prior to shipment. If a bow comes to us assembled, a $25 fee will be applied to disassemble it. It will Not be reassembled for you.

* Note: Newer style risers may need to be double dipped in order to cover the whole riser, due to the amount of holes. This process may give the final product a darker looking finish.

* Note: Stabilizer prices may vary. Price is typical for a simple 10″ stabilizer.

* Note: Please be sure your gun is fully disassembled prior to shipment to us.

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