JohnnyBoy Hydrographics is making camouflage more fashionable. As an avid outdoorsman myself, I live in the Great Adirondacks Mountains in Upstate New York. I find great pleasure in turning a gun or skull that you already love into a diamond you can’t take your eyes off of. It is affordable and makes sense to change old to new or new to custom. Put a bit of personality into something you love! I will make you proud to own it, what ever it is.

Affordable Alternative to Taxidermy Services

We are offering more than one affordable choice to alternhative taxidermy services. Quality comes first, along with customer service. I take pride in every item no matter how big or how small. Our reputation proceeds us.

Don’t be afraid to call for special items to be camouflaged, the website is not large enough to show all we can do.

People deserve more choices and more perfection when it comes to camouflaging items you cherish and love, whether it be your gun, a skull, a household item, JohnnyBoy Hydrographics cares. We do each item separately… It is hands on work, not an assembly line. Our camo is “your” work of art. We are offering affordable choices to traditional taxidermy services. Camouflaging makes the perfect gift for the avid hunter or outdoorsman in your family….

JohnnyBoy Hydrographics delivers high quality water transfer printed products. Our goal is to ensure quality and consistency. Until now you could not distinguish between the competent and the incompetent when it came to water transfer printing.  JohnnyBoy Hydrographics puts you above the rest……


JohnnyBoy Hydrographics

Address: 39 W. 12th Ave.
Gloversville NY 12078
PHONE: 518-752-5050